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In association with our partner GMA S.R.L (Italy) we can offer specifically manufactured anti-corrosion coatings designed for the prevention and elimination of corrosion and erosion found in tube-sheets and tubes of heat exchangers and condensers.

GMA uses it own patented technology to produce and apply coatings for restoring and strengthening tube-sheets, water-boxes, tube inlets and the full length of the tube internals back to their original condition.

Tube-sheet Coating

Tube-sheet Coated

Tube-sheet damage caused by galvanic corrosion, cavitation, and abrasive content is easily solved with the Phencote T.S. process.

This process completely encapsulates and insulates the tubes and the tube-sheet by applying 3-5mm thickness of synthetic resins over the existing corroded tube-sheet. This system protects the tube ends from cavitations and is resistant to abrasive materials found in the water. The coating also electrically insulates the tube sheet so cathodic protections are no longer required.

Tube-sheet Coating Dia

A=Tube-sheet, B=Tube, C=3-5mm Coating

Tube Inlet Coating

Phencote HR60 restores and protects inlets damaged by corrosion, erosion and impingement. It solves problems related to overly fast flow, cavitation, turbulence and abrasive particles in the cooling water.

The gradually decreasing coating thickness removes the problems associated with plastic and metallic inserts where end step erosion can occur.

Tube Inlet Coating

Tube Inlet Coating Dia

A =Tube-sheet, B=Tube, C=Coating 200 μm

1=1st layer, 2=2nd layer, 3= 3rd Layer


Internal Surface Coating of Tubes


The Phencote HR60 Tube-lining is a fast and durable solution for any internal tube surface problem preventing damage caused by fouling, corrosion, erosion and cavitation. It is a resin polymer, 100% VOC free, and is certified for use in drinking water and it also suitable for immersion in fresh and salt water.

Studies and tests demonstrate the application Phencote coating to the internals of the tubes have an overall beneficial effect on the heat exchange rate.

Tube Coating Machine

Full Length Tube Coating Dia

A=Tube-sheet, B=Tube, C=Coating 50 μm

D= Protected Coating Nozzle

Application of the system is fast - up to 20 m/s from 30 μm up to 250 μm by using our patented semi-automatic tube coating machine. The internal diameter ranges from 15 to 80 mm and tube length can go up to 25m. The coating machine is compact allowing for easy access through manholes and water-box doors.

Endoscopic controls, DFT and holiday testing according to standard ASTM D5162-08 guarantees 100% surface coverage and complete coating efficiency. 

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