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Leak Searching

On-line Leak Detection Systems:


Using foam to search for on-line leaks is a relatively simple but effective method to quickly find condenser tube leaks.

By using a specific foaming agent that is created by the foam generator the tube plates are covered completely with the foam, Any tubes where the foam is sucked into the tube signifies that a leak is present. These leaking tubes can be verified using a variety of instrumentation and plugged.     

Foam Machine



Helium Leak Detector  

Helium is an inert gas therefore it is ideal for leak detection because of the reactive nature of the environment that it can be used in.

A Helium Mass Spectrometer is set up to monitor the steam side of the condenser while the unit is running. The inlet water box tube sheet is then divided into sections and the helium is applied to each of these sections in turn.

This helium is drawn through the tubes, the outlet water box and out of the condenser by an extractor fan. If any leaks are present in the section being tested the helium will be pulled through them and into the steam side of the condenser where the helium spectrometer will then read positive for a leak. By subdividing and retesting any leaking sections each individual leaking tube can be located, marked and plugged.


Offline Leak Detection Systems:

Pneumatic Detector Gun System




This system uses pneumatic detector guns that are inserted into either end of a tube. When activated these guns fill the tube with compressed air. If a leak is present the tube will depressurise and this change in pressure is detected by the guns which in turn signal a leak.

Pneumatic Leak Detector Gun


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