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Tube Cleaning

At RICO we offer a variety of different services to clean heat exchanger tubes. We have many years of experience in resolving tube fouling issues. These services include the Mechanical Scraper System (see below), High Pressure Water Jetting, the Air Mate TM Pellet Launcher System, the ARW Tube Cleaning Machine, and Rydlyme - the world's leading biodegradable descaler. All these processes with the exception of High Pressure Water Jetting and the Mechanical Scraper System (see Agents Required) are available for use by the client and can be purchased direct from RICO. Please browse our departments for more information on our products.

Mechanical Scraper System

The ultimate tube cleaning solution for Condensers, Heat Exchangers, Coolers, and more....

Mechanical Tube Shooting

The Mechanical Scraper System uses our unique booster pump to generate water pressure to propel specially designed cleaners down the tubes cleaning as they go.

The cleaners are loaded in batches and it is clearly identifiable to see which tubes are to be cleaned. The operator then fits the gun into each tube and pulls the trigger to release the low pressure but a high volume water flow to power the cleaner through each tube. A dial on the water gun indicates when the cleaner has exited the cleaned tube. The operator continues this process until all the tubes have been cleaned.

The cleaners come in a variety of designs, materials, sizes and gauges to suite the cleaning needs of your condenser tubes.

 Mechanical Scrapers


The Mechanical Scraper System can remove a wide range of deposits from algae to hard scale without damaging the wall of the tube. Using a two-pump system up to 8,000 tubes a shift can be cleaned. We have been cleaning tubes with this process very successfully for the past 15 years in the UK and around the world.

Cleaning on a regular maintenance schedule can offer you the following benefits that will ultimately save you money.

  • Restored To Working Condition 
  • Better Vacuum
  • Extended Tube Life       
  • Increased Efficiency  
  • Energy Conservation    
  • Major Fuel Saving      
  • Additional Power Generation
  • Tube Leak Reduction

In fact there have been many occasions when the cost of the clean has paid for itself in a matter of weeks.


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