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Tube Cleaning Equipment

Compact and versatile tube cleaning solutions for all types of fouling found in heat exchangers, condensers, chillers, absorbers, coolers and other small bore tube bundles.

Wils-Away (TM) Tube Cleaning Range

 Wils-Away Tube Cleaning Range 

  • Powered pneumatically or by 110v electricity.
  • Runs wet or dry. When run wet gives a simultaneous water flush washing away debris from the cleaning head.
  • Operates both forward and reverse.
  • Available as either dolly-mounted or compact easy to carry unit.
  • All units include a storage compartment for accessories.
  • Suitable for cleaning tubes from 7.1mm diameter.
  • Removes all types of deposits from light sludge to hard scale.
  • One person operation.
  • Compatible with a wide range of shafts and cleaning heads.

 PG Series Air Driven Tube Cleaning System

  • Pneumatic driven.
  • Suitable for cleaning tubes from 9.5mm.
  • Carbide-tipped Type M Cutter bits can drill through the heaviest deposits including blocked tubes.
  • Scavenging hose sends water down the extension shafts cooling the cutter bit and providing a flushing action and washing the debris away.
  • Cleaning depth is easily increased by adding 5ft hollow extension shafts (9.5mm diameter & upward).
  • Compatible with M Cutter, SPE-Dur Cutter & P Brush.
PG Series Air Driven Tube Cleaning System

 MS Series Air-Driven Tube Cleaning System

MS Series Air-Driven Tube Cleaning System 
  • Pneumatic driven.
  • Suitable for cleaning tubes from 12.7mm.
  • Powerful 10,000 rpm motor cleans in one pass saving time and improving productivity.
  • Minimal moving parts improve reliability and durability.
  • Expanding brush suitable for cleaning light deposits whilst the Model A Cutter Head will cut through the hardest scale.
  • Compatible with a wide range of other cleaning heads.

Flexible Shafts 

  • Flexible nylon shafts connect to the Wils-Away Tube Cleaning Systems and are designed to fit a variety of cleaning heads.
  • The shafts comprise of an inner steel core and a nylon outer casing which allows water to pass down the shaft acting as a lubricating agent and flushing away the debris at the tool end.
  • The shafts come in 3 different diameters (6.4mm, 9.5mm & 12.7mm), and varying lengths from 4.6m up to 18.3m.
Flexible Shaft

Tube Cleaning Heads

Tube Cleaning Heads
  • Tube cleaning heads are manufactured to fit the Wils-Away, MS & PG Series Air Driven Tube Cleaning Systems. 
  • Designed to clean many different types of fouling deposits from algae, mud, scale to completely blocked tubes.
  • The cleaning heads come in a variety of materials to suit cleaning all different types of tube metals.  
  • Available tube ID range from 7.1mm diameter.

Air-Mate Pellet Launcher

The AIR-MATE pellet launcher is used for the removal of contamination in hose, tube and pipe and is specifically designed to dramatically reduce the cost of preventative and corrective maintenance. 

The pellet launcher fires a foam pellet through hose, tube or pipe. The foam projectile is 20% larger than the internal diameter of the hose, tube or pipe for when it is propelled through the line, the pellet cleans and wipes the internal surface of the hose, tube or pipe, forcing the contamination out of the open end.  

Pellets used in the AIR-MATE system will travel through 90 degree angles, "T" joints, coils, "U" tubes, bore and straight-through valves.

Air-Mate Pellet Launcher


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